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tell us he will be calling in shortly. meantime, jonathan hunt, i'm not sure when we got off the air last night and the storm made its way through houston we had local reports of some -- i mean it was bad enough, but nothing like this. the water was rising and then going down quickly and they didn't have any of these problems in the houston area and lo and behold gets north and look at this. hunt iraq yo, are you there? >> the national weather service predict thack thing that the ty river with crest at around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that apparently would be the second highest recorded cresting of that river in dallas exceeding the 47.1 feet reached on may 31, 1990. it would only trail the 52.6 feet reached in the great flood of may 1908. >> jonathan, thank you. we'll get to the chief meteorologist at our local station fox 4 news in dallas in just a moment. breaking news coverage on studio b on the flooding in and around dallas fort worth, austin and beyond. we'll be right back. >>> dallas area getting walloped with flash flooding causing problems across the state. from dallas for
to remember september 11th victims. jonathan hunt has more on this week ahead. >> reporter: monday, labor day, the official end to summer and one of the most traveled weekends. the year. president obama will be heading to wisconsin where he is scheduled to speak at the annual laborfest event in milwaukee. tuesday, first lady kicks often the white house dance series. michelle obama has invited world reknowned dance companies to perform at the administration's first event celebrating dance. the night will feature a number of performances from different american dance genres as well as a dance workshop. wednesday, president obama stopping in cleveland, ohio where he will deliver a speech on the economy. and the first lady will be in new orleans to promote the next phase of her let's move campaign. mrs.obama will be teaming up with nfl commissioner roger goodell and former nfl coach tony dungy to encourage children to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. saturday, it is the ninth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. the first lady will be speaking at the memorial ceremony in
. jonathan hunt explains. >> reporter: helicopters transport 13 people to a lieu use hospital following an oil rig accident in the gulf of mexico. governor bobby jindal pays them a visit. the crew of 13 donned bright orange life preservers in the wake of the rig fire. a helicopter pilot spotting a long plume of smoke coming from the area and the crew members strung together floating in the water. officials say there were only 12 preservers and 13 people. the crew holding on to the person without a safety suit for roughly two hours. >> the offshore fly vessel, crystal clear, recovered all 13 survivors from the water. >> reporter: rig owner, mariner energy, says it is cooperating with federal officials adding, quote, the cause is not known and an investigation will be undertaken. coast guard officials say there is no sign of an oil slick coming from the spill so far. updating an earlier report that oil had been spotted. >> there is no report of evidence of leaks but we continue to investigate and to monitor that situation to make sure that doesn't change. >> reporter: this late incident
the route to freedom. jonathan hunt reports. >> reporter: the chilean government says there is a breakthrough in getting to those 33 trapped miners. a bore hole has reached the men. this will eventually be their escape route. it is the first of three key efforts to get the men out. for the rescuers who have been doing the drilling, the past month and a half has been a challenge. >> we have drilled for oil and gas. we drill for water and minerals, things of that nature. but drilling for human life is a completely different task at hand. i mean, it's so much more important than anything else that we've been drilling for in our careers. >> reporter: the head engineer of the operation says this is progress. but much more work still needs to be done. starting with widening the hole so it is big enough to pull the men to the surface. after that, they need to insert a metal pipe to prevent the hole from collapsing. all of this could take another 4-6 weeks. but for the families who are so eagerly waiting to see their loved ones, this progress gives them hope. >> you can only i
actions. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt has more on the dead man's demands and his disturbing past that's coming up inside "fox report." >> first tonight, a hurricane warning. hurricane earl has strengthened again. it's back to category 4. maximum sustained winds near 135 miles an hour. in north carolina, evacuations are on and all the way up the coast to canada, watches are up. north carolina's governor has now declared a state of emergency as the storm moves toward the state. forecasters say the strongest winds will likely hit the coast thursday night into friday morning and officials in north carolina are warning vacationers and residents alike to immediately leave isolated sections of the outer banks. >> the later that we were from told us last night, you know, starting at 5:00 this morning, they were mandatory. everybody had to leave. >> it's sad because like reality hasn't really set in because it's so beautiful out and it's like oh, i don't want to leave this. but it's like it's kind of like the calm before the storm. so just trying to keep it cool. keep a cool head a
of it. that is what he said. jonathan hunt on fidel castro's new interview and jonathan is chatting about that and the other top stories of the day at fox share your comments and questions with him if you feel like studio b is back in 90 seconds. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so w am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. ♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft has an ultra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. new charmin ultra soft. >> shepard: crew members of a german owned cargo ship are today safe and sound after a daring u.s. marine raid on a group of somali pirates. we are told the pirates hijacked the magellan star yesterday in the gulf of aiden but the party didn't last long. before dawn u.s. marine commandos stormed the ship and arrested nine suspected pirates. the marines did not have to fire a single shot. in is the first time since the hijack
as they put it to respond to it "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here with us on new york harbor. jonathan, they say this is really a pretty serious threat. >> shep, they say it's a serious threat and a growing one. and the reports also say we shouldn't look at recent domestic terror events such as the fort hood massacre and this past may's attempted bombing in new york's times square as random unconnected events. they say the attackers in those cases might not know each other, might have had no communication whatsoever with each other, but they are all foot soldiers in a new al qaeda battle strategy. listen. >> the attacks and plots of the past year or so are not and should not be regarded of what off as we are often told. rather we see them as part of a broader strategy embraced by our adversaries al qaeda afacility i can't tells and associates to flood us, in essence from multiple threats from a diverse array of adversaries. >> bottom line, according to this report, shep, this is the most urgent threat we now face. >> were they specific at all about how these young
.com/shep. you can join in by clicking on the "on the hunt" icon with jonathan hunt and we will have that for you at fox >>> fox weather alert now. hurricane igor are could become the first category 5 storm of this season. it is swirling away in the atlantic. and just ahead of another storm. see the one behind it there? that is tropical storm julia. meteorologist janice dean the weather machine live in the fox extreme weather center. when is igor going to make his presence known or is that a fish storm what do we know? >> could affect bermuda and could become a category 5 storm as early as today. a new advisory at 5:00 p.m. and hurricane hunters have been flying into the storm so we will have new coordinates and a new track at 5:00 as well. i want to show you pictures we have just got in from nasa from the national space station. i haven't seen this yet. awesome as the space station passed over igor. that is visually stunning. you can see the eye, just amazing. here is the visual imagery and the eye and the stadium effect that happens when the storms get really strong. good outflow
. jonathan hunt shows ussc how rescue workers are taking on a brand-new mission at grou zero. >> johnny watched as the towers came down. he worked with his bare hands moving rubble as part of the search and rescue effort. now he is part of the rebuilding of the world trade center. his story coming up. we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- . and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having funt what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landingas better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? take one of the big ones out? nah. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. it isn't real performance did you know - after age forty, your body can lose up to eight percent cade? try... each serving provides twenty-six vitami
planet could hang on what happens next. the fox sports chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here looking to find out something about this guy. >> nothing is ever certain when it comes to the weird world of kim jung-il, but it looks increasingly likely his son will take over as leader when his father dies. he was given two more influential positions today, being named vice chairman of the central military commission, and a member of the party's central committee. what will north korea look like under kim the younger? not a whole lot less crazy than it seems under kim the elder, according to experts we spoke to. >> he's just as chubby and ruthless as his dad. he's the one who got the dictator gene. >> when he takes over, you don't really see much change, he's a mini me dictator? >> he's a mini me dictator. >> beyond that, there seems to be very little we know about the young man apparently in his late 20s when may soon have his finger on north korea's nuclear button. >> we know he went to private school in switzerland until he was 15. he went there under a pseudonym, poising as the driver
fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is live outside the courthouse where this trial is playing out in connecticut. >> jon, the evidence in this trial is gruesome and it is graphic. it has brought jurors to tears and forcing the relatives of the victims to relive the entire ordeal. today, cynthia renn, the youngest sister of the murdered woman told me how she is coping and how she remembers her sister. >> my sister was a wonderful person. she would walk into a room and she could light it up like it was imagine magic. >> this is the last picture of her sister captured at a surveillance camera at the bank where apparently calm in the face of terror, she had gone to get the cash her captors had demanded. she was ordered not to contact the police. she didn't. the bank manager did. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house, the people are in a car outside the bank. she is getting $15,000 to bring out to them. if the police are told, they will kill the children and the husband. >> at that moment, jennifer pettitt
correspondent jonathan hunt with us now. what did he say? >> he said that he does not trust any public defender to represent him. he says there would be in his words a conflict of interest there. he told the judge he wants to represent himself. judge nancy edmonds said she does not believe it's a good idea but she reluctantly agreed to his request. then, someone curioussy said and i'll quote here, "if i want to plead guilty to some counts, basically how would that go?" judge edmonds told him she could not answer him advice but it sounds like he is leading toward what the previous public defender was doing, seeking a deal with the prosecution. >> shepard: if you get a deal with the prosecution, they get something in return. what might he offer? >> we know for instance that he has given them information about his previous contact with anwar al-awlaki. remember, he is the yemeni based radical cleric linked to several attacks and attempted attacks in the united states. so basically what this man would offer is information that the feds want about how these kind of attacks are being planned, shep. >
exploded 200 miles west of the bp spill, but as fox's jonathan hunt explains, the outcome of this explosion was vastly different. >> reporter: helicopters transport 13 people to it a louisiana hospital following an -- to a louisiana hospital following an oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. governor bobby jindal pays them a visit. >> there are no injuries, no loss of life. >> reporter: it happened after the central coast of louisiana, the crew of 13 donning bright orange life preservers called gumby suits in the wake of the rig fire. a helicopter pilot spotting a long plume of smoke coming from the area and the crew members strung together floating in the water. officials say there were only 12 preservers and 13 people. the crew holding onto the person without a safety suit for roughly two hours. >> the offshore supply vessel crystal clear recovered all 13 survivors from the water. >> reporter: rig owner houston based mariner energy says it's cooperating with federal officials adding, "the cause is not known and an investigation will be undertaken." coastguard officials say there is no
, even spawning tornado watches and a warning for some areas. fox's jonathan hunt has the story. >> reporter: she came with quite a punch, hermine bringing heavy rain and wind to parts of south texas before blowing through and heading north. drivers plowing through pooling water on highways in houston during a downpour. hermine made landfall in mexico just south of brownsville, texas, leaving behind a path of power outages and some landslides. >> they told us it was going to be ugly, that we need to take precautions. >> reporter: hermine hit mexico much harder triggering flash floods and power outages there. mexican officials say more than 100,000 people were affected by the storm and 3,500 were forced to leave their homes to get out of the storm's path. soldiers standing guard at shelters. >> up until now we have 124,000 people affected from 438 towns. >> reporter: hermine whipped up the texas surf causing some beach closures and warnings from lifeguards to those hoping to get in the water and in some communities people picked up free sandbags with hermine approaching hoping to
other military bases in the region. jonathan hunt our chief fox report correspondent in the newsroom tonight. iran's missile program seems to have grown dramatically in recent years. >> absolutely, shep. it's become more sophisticated. the rake of the missiles getting that much longer. according to experts we spoke to today iran is absolutely determined to develop a missile system that can pretty much threaten anyone and everyone. listen. >> iran has a dedicated program to improve its missiles. this is an improvement on a previous missile. it has solid fuel rather than liquid fuel. it's going to be more accurate. they are dedicated to this because they don't have any sort of air defense. >> and, shep, while it can obviously be used as a defense mechanism, the fear obviously is that these missiles could also be used for preemptive attack, shep. >> shepard: there seems to be a fear they could put a nuclear war head on the thing and ratchet this whole thing up? >> that of course, would be an absolute game changer. they have if you like, these twin tracks developing right now. their nucl
. fox report jonathan hunt is live outside the new york headquarters with a look at the surveillance network. >> a year ago this week, there was an arrest in an advanced plot to bomb the new york city subway system. the uncovering that plot led to greater urgency in the effort to try to protect the city's transit system and today's announcement is one more phase in that battle to prevent terror attacks. city officials say the 500 new cameras installed in the new york transportation hub are a major step forward in what you call monitoring and disrupting potential terror attacks. it brings the total number of cameras in the subway system to something like 3,700. those cameras all give an instant feed to coordination center based in lower manhattan. there are some civil liberty concerns being expressed by some activists. >> the possibilities certainly is there. that there will be abuse. we have no safeguard. we don't have any meanful recognition of privacy concerns. >> if you think of it takes it away freedoms but i prefer to think of it this is what is guaranteeing our freedoms. much m
about an already sickening crime. the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here. these text messages are awful. >> it's hard t find the words for them, shep. and these were text messages that were exchanged just hours before these horrific crimes took place. steven hayes, one of the accused first texted him saying i'm chomping at the bit to get started. i need a margarita soon. he replied, putting kid to bed. hold your horses. hayes wrote back to him. dude, the horses want to get loose. lol. or laugh outloud. just hours after those messages were exchanged, he had put his own kid to bed allegedly sexually assaulted the 11-year-old girl. >> we also heard about these graphic photos, one suspect reportedly took on his cell phone. >> these were even more disturbing if that is possible. in fact, they were so disturbing that the judge decided that the courtroom and the jurors would not actually see them. they were described instead to the jury by a state police investigator. they showed various parts of the crime as it was unfolding. they are simply too disgusting to even descri
jonathan hunt is with us. what are the prosecutors saying happened here? >> well, shep, they say that phoebe prince had a relationship with sean mavahill he was one of the two in court today. when that relationship ended they say that prosecutors mulveyhill and kayla began taunting her. some friends of theirs apparently joined. in it became so bad that on january the 14th, last year, according to according to the prosecution, phoebe prince was subjected to relentless bullying all day as she walked home in tears, prosecutors say. one of her tormenters drove past her in the car, yelled more insults at her and threw a soda can at her which hit phoebe prince. hours later she hung herself, shep. >> shepard: you have to prove it was the bullying that cause the the suicide. what are defense attorneys saying about making that leap? >> the defense say it is a leap too far. they say that she, phoebe prince, had a history of depression, had tried to harm herself before, and, in fact, had prior suicide attempts. that, at least, watt the argument they made until today when kayla's attorney ch
the real story. the fox correspondent jonathan hunt from new york. >> for decades rich etch burger's covert mission wasn't acknowledged by the air force. today the family watched as that wrong was put right. >> of all the military declarations that our nation can bestow, the highest is the medal of honor. >> this was lima site 85. a top secret u.s. air force radar facility from which a team of air men directed hundreds of air strikes against the north vietnamese me. chief master sergeant richard etchberger was a member of that covert team living at the tiny base on top of a 6500-foot mountain. the dropoff was almost vertical on all sides. and u.s. officials therefore assumed the base was impregnant nabil. they were wrong. on the night of march 10th, 1968, north vietnamese me soldiers scaled those cliffs and launched an assault that killed 11 of the 19 americans working at the station. with his colleagues lying injured, chief etch burger single-handedly fended off the north vietnamese for several hours using only his m-16 and a radio to call in air strikes. when rescue helicopters arrived at
, four more veterans of iraq and afghanistan apparently killed themselves. jonathan hunt is with us in studio. give us the context. >> reporter: this is a major problem and a calling to the military, it is getting much worse, in fact, suicides within the army alone, doubled from 2005 to 2009, and take a look at these statistics, for 2007, to 2009 and they are suicides within the army and that he marine corps and obviously the branches doing the most ground combat in afghanistan and iraq and 2007, 148 suicides, and 200, 182. and last year, 214. so, this is as admiral mike mullen said the emergency issue, one they feel they have to deal with. >> shepard: it makes sense there would be a lot of factors behind this. >> not the least of which is the war, as they say, is hell, and what these men and women see on the battlefield, what they do on the battlefield can obviously haunt them many years after they come home, but according to former assistant deputy secretary of the army who i spoke to earlier it is the coming home that is often the hardest part. listen: >> suicides seem to occur a
's correspondent jonathan hunt is here with us. what are the heisman people saying about. this we got a letter from the heisman trophy trust and he essentially denied that any decision has been made telling us and i'm going to quote here. the status of the usc bush matter remains unchanged. any reports to the contrary are inaccurate. he also referred us to a july statement which said, and i'm quoting again, the trust will be considering the issues raised in the usc reggie bush matter and after reaching a decision will publish it. but due to the complex issues involved and the trust's desire to reach an appropriate decision, no definitive timetable has been established. no, reggie bush may be losing the heisman. he may be keeping it most experts, shep, think we will know in the next couple of days for sure. >> shepard: improper gifts, right? along the course of his stay at usc? >> these are the allegations that reggie bush and his families lavish gifts from two sports marketers. gifts include hotel stays, limo trips a new suit when reggie smith picked up the heisman trophy. they also apparently incl
at discovery channel earlier this week. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with the news live in the newsroom. jonathan? >> jon, these tapes give us a dramatic glimpse into exactly how that hostage crisis unfolded both for the police who were attending it and for the civilians who were witnesses to it. first of all, we heard a lot on the police radio, including this from an officer who described what appeared to be a bomb strapped to james j. lee, listen. >> minibackpack, like two canisters on the outside, looks like a propane bottle on the inside, two coffee cans surrounded by propane canister, flashing light left hand almost like a death grip, red loom news life continuously flashing, same thing on the front strapped around his waist. >> of course, jon that did turn out to be one of several pipe bombs that james j. lee was carrying. we also heard on tapes from witnesses who called in including this woman describing what she saw. listen again. >> yeah, i mean, i saw some men on the ground. somebody on the ground. i'm across the street and i see a security guard with his hands
the chief master sergeant's wife knew, she died before today's ceremony. and now jonathan hunt. toll us more about what led up to this honor. >>reporter: extraordinary story. the chief and his colleagues were on a 5,600' hightower deemed impregnable but on march 10, 1968, north vietnam soldiers launched an assault open the base you can see right there, and they killed immediately in the official assault, 11 of the 19 americans living there, and the chief and some of his colleagues took refuge on the cliff side ledge, and pain of his colleagues were wounded and threw the entire night chief etchburger kept the north vietnamese at bay with an m-16 and a radio to call in airstrikes. at dawn, a helicopter arrived to rescue them, and he single happeneddedly again took each of the wounded colleagues one by one over to the helicopter, while taking enemy fire, put them in the sling and had them hoisted up and he was hoifed up himself, the last man out, got on board the helicopter, and as it flew off, north vietnamese fired, bullets pierced the helicopter and they struck him and he died on the floor o
jonathan hunt's brother. the correspondent is in the newsroom with an update. >> happy to report my brother is fine but he says there is major damage through christchurch build in the 1960's and a lot of wooden homes, not well built brick structures and as you can see from the pictures there is extensive damage and i am told by my brother at the airport waiting for his wife to arrive that christchurch airport is shut down not because of damage but they are concerned and want to check all the runways before they let planes in. this struck early in the morning at 4:30 local time, and 19 miles outside the city which is new zealand's second biggest city. thousands of residents awakened by it and my brother described it as a very, very violent and sudden but short earthquake. it shook his south a great deal. a frightening scene. but the good news so far that no major injuries have been reported. >> good news, indeed, including your pro. we are watching hurricane earl. just a slight deviation in the current path could bring a wide change in weather and we are live in ocean city, maryland. steve?
americans. the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with me overlooking lower manhattan. a disturbing report on many different levels. >> it is because it paints a picture of a rising tide of domestic radicals in the united states. it says we should expect suicide attacks on american soil. it points out that the shooter in the fort hood massacre probably expected to die himself during that attack and it says incidents like the fort hood shootings and the attempted bombing in times square here in new york earlier this year should not be seen as random events but as part of a coordinated pattern drawn up by our terrorist enemies. listen now to one of the authors of that report. >> attacks and plots of the past year or so are not and should not we regarded as one offs as we are often told. rather, we see them as part of a broader strategy embraced by our adversaries by al-qaeda and its affiliates and associates to flood us in essence with multiple threats from a diverse array of adversaries. >> bottom line, shep, it is a growing threat and one we need to act to deal with qu
they had no che but to make these arrests, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in new york tonight. john, thanks. a fox weather center now parts in mexico an absolute mess as fox reports tonight. the island of bermuda is preparing for one as a cup couple of hurricanes keep churning near the united states. hurricane karl forcing mexico call authorities to shut down only nuclear power plant and few oil platforms to boot. officials in a number of cities there preparing for flash floods as the storm moves toward the center of the country. then there are the other two. forecasters confirm that hurricane igor is very powerful and potentially destructive hurricane headed right for the island of bermuda. officials there preparing for the onslaught. our senior correspondent rick leventhal streaming live from south bermuda near the capital of hamilton. rick? >> shepard, almost every forecast model shows igor on a collision course with this island which is only 21 miles long and a mile wide but has 65,000 residents making it one of the most densely populated places on earth. they have been very luc
apparently paid a half million dollars bail. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. do we know how she is? how did they come up with this money? just yesterday they were saying they couldn't. >> her health first, shep. we know she has these issues, apparent lump in her breast and possibly other cancerous cells. she no doubt headed for a full workup on those very soon. we would expect to hear something in the coming days and weeks. as for who paid the bail or the ran some, as some have called it the shourd family said they couldn't do it. the u.s. government said they wouldn't do it. it was interesting to hear sarah shourd say herself when she landed in oman today how grateful she was to her hosts. listen. >> i have been waiting for this moment for a really long time. and i am extremely grateful to be standing here today. i want to begin by giving my deepest thanks to the sal tan of oman and sal tan -- i'm so grateful for everything that oman has done. >> so grateful for everything oman has done. that does not mean, of course, that they paid that $500,000 bail. b
. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. do we know how this unfolded? >> darren roby, one of the accused freshman was his roommate along with his friend molly way, they set up this hidden camera first on september 19th and then went to way's room and watched on a laptop as tyler clemente apparently had sex. they did the same thing again on september 21st, a day later, tyler clemente having posted on the facebook, going to jump off the g.w. bridge. sorry. he did just that. he went to the george washington bridge over the hudson river, that connects new jersey and new york and threw himself into the hudson and there is late word tonight, shep, that police have recovered a body from the hudson river. it may be that of 18-year-old tyler clemente. >> his roommate had tweeted, sent out a message over twitter he saw him making out with another guy and they were yucking it up on twitter about it. now the victim's family has issued a statement, i guess. >> yes. the statement issued through an attorney for the family of the victim. they acknowledge that tyler c
goldberg who met with castro in havana at his request writes: the chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live with this. i wonder what you are to make of this. so often the devil is in the details. >> two views. first one being these were well considered comments by castro, is he still after all the most influential voice in cuba even if he is not president. in making these comments, he might make it easier for his brother, raoul, who is now president, to introduce more of the kind of economic reforms he has already begun to introduce. the other view is that this was simply not well considered, it was fidel castro feeling nostalgic, realizing he has made some mistakes during his lifetime. help shep he called that reporter over. sent him a mess damage. he took somebody with him and they were over there for a number of days. not as if it wasn't a planned thing. he expressed regret over his own handling of the cuban missile crisis. >> it played out in october of 1962. cuba was at the center of the standoff between president kennedy and soviet leader cir it brought us to the brink of nuclear war.
the trainer had to get stitches for a bite wound in his leg. and our chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is here with more on this. and witnesses say it looked like the lion kind of targeted the man. >> we spoke to 1/2 of that honeymooning couple who shot that video, she said as she watched in horror, it seemed obvious to her that the lion was only interested in going after that one trainer. she also said she simply could not see why. listen. >> i would not say that the attack was provoked at all. minutes before he jumped on him, the gentleman that was attacked was kind of cleaning out his hair, petting him, picking off loose hair, just grooming him like probably he does a lot. >> so a horrifying incident for that trainer and horrifying, too, for all those tourists looking on. >> the other trainer, obviously, jumped in to help. you know it kind of looked like the female lion was trying to help. >> yes, this is amazing. watch the video again. you'll see the trainer go in and try to get the lion off. here comes the female. what are you doing? you don't need to get involved in this, dud
are on the hunt for a registered sex offender. jonathan serrie is on the story live in the southeast bureau, atlanta, georgia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you bill. the concord police chief is now taking his appeal nationwide, trying to get any information that will lead to the killer of his 23-year-old daughter. valerie hamilton went missing early wednesday monday. she was last seen leaving the comet street tavern, a restaurant and bar in the charlotte area, she was seen on surveillance video at this establishment leaving with a man. based on that and other information, police went searching for this woman and found her body saturday night in a storage unit in southeast charlotte. charlotte mecklenberg police are looking for a 34-year-old sex offender with a long rap sheet, michael neil harvey. at this point, they're not formally calling him a suspect, but a person of interest. they really want to talk to him. he's originally from upstate new york but according to court records he's been in charlotte for approximately six years. bill. bill: jonathan serrie in atlanta, thank
with jonathan about there and the rest the stories of the day at on "on the hunt." five months to the day since the nightmare began. the feds say the oil company is on the verge of finally plugging the busted well. according to the national incident commander, the retired coast guard admiral, the relief well has reached the target 2.5 miles down on the sea floor. we are told the well could be sealed by sunday. here is how the operation is going down. the relief well is complete. b.p. replaced the blow out preventer and now will fill in the well with tons of mud and cement. they hope that does the job. engineers contained the gusher in july but not before 200 million gallons of crude oil escaped. >> in the southern gulf of mexico hurricane karl is a category two storm and pounding the coast of mexico. as recently as wednesday karl was a tropical storm but it has exploded in power. maximum sustained wind at 110 miles per hour with stronger gusts. witnesses reported 16' waves and the weather is so severe mexico closed the nuclear power plant to the south of where the eye came asho
. >> shepard: jonathan is chatting about the american hikers in iran and the rest of the big stories at our website fox join in by clicking the on the hunt icon there at the end of the blew arrow on the lower right of the home page. the fox weather alert now. two hurricanes coming across the atlantic. julia has strengthened to a category one storm. expected to continue to grow in the next couple of days. before julia is igor and it is a dangerous category four. janice dean the weather machine in the extreme weather center now. igor, in any change in path? >> still the same as it was yesterday. still a strong category four storm. well, defined eye. all four quadrants filling out. the higher cloud tops you can see with the deeper oranges but there is the path almost identical to this time yesterday. still remains a category 4. a strong storm up until friday and then making a beeline right for bermuda. the only thing changed is the strength of the storm as it gets closer to bermuda but they could receive a direct hit from a hurricane. >> what about julia? >> julia not a big conc
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